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PlaceWorks provides an integrated and comprehensive range of planning, design, and environmental services for both public- and private-sector clients throughout California and beyond.

Our projects involve more than just the creation and implementation of plans; they’re opportunities to engage with stakeholders to create blueprints that reflect, and ultimately achieve, their aspirations. Developing and facilitating customized public engagement processes that elevate the public’s involvement in the creation (and ownership!) of a project is a cornerstone of all our engagement work.

PlaceWorks can help identify the most effective ways to engage with the stakeholders, including hard-to-reach populations. Our community-focused approach allows us to establish a thorough understanding of the key issues, opportunities, strengths, and challenges. Our team follows the practices of the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2), carefully tailored to each client, to create conversations that truly represent the breadth of voices in a community. Our outreach services include:


• Public Participation Plans and Training

• Facilitation and Community Events

• Stakeholder Engagement

• Partnerships with Community-Based Organizations

• Multilingual Group Facilitation and Engagement

• Online Engagement

• Social Media and Print Media Campaigns

• Website Content Management

• Video Production

• Branding and Graphic Design