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Practical Guides:

Have you ever thought that government guidelines were written by computers? Or aliens? Have you ever wished that lawyers were paid by how few words they used? Or that a consultant would just explain, simply and clearly, what the heck they were talking about? PlaceWorks feels your pain, and that’s why we created our popular Practical Guides—short booklets that give you the big picture.
Price: $8.00
Let us guide you through the maze of CEQA requirements. As CEQA grows in complexity, it is critical to understand how recent changes influence the general flow and direction of the process. This Guide is a great resource for decision makers, professional planners, and the public.
Price: $8.00
This guide explains the basics of risk perception by the public, scientific risk assessment, and the principles behind good risk communication: how to ask the right questions, listen carefully, and respond effectively.
Price: $8.00
The latest in the series, this guide provides tools for diagnosing a community’s health and principles that can be followed and adapted to suit the needs of each community.