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Temecula Objective Design Standards

PlaceWorks developed a clear set of objective design standards to ensure that new multifamily and mixed-use residential development in Temecula will maintain the area’s unique character and high-quality design.



City of Temecula


Temecula, Califiornia


  • Comprehensive Planning
  • Community Participation
  • Zoning & Form-Based Codes
  • Urban Design
  • Graphic Design

PlaceWorks prepared the objective design standards as a manual for everyone involved in the review and approval of multifamily and mixed-use development in Temecula, so they are equally accessible to residents, property and business owners, developers, builders, architects, designers, and city staff.

The design standards comply with Senate Bills 35 and 330 and the requirement for expedited processing of new housing development, and they address topics related to site planning, general building design, and architectural styles.

Working with city staff and subcommittees of the planning commission and city council, PlaceWorks defined six architectural styles that are compatible with the city’s vision and built environment: Spanish Colonial Revival, Craftsman, Tuscan, American Rural, East Coast Traditional, and Italianate.