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SB 1000 Implementation Toolkit

In collaboration with the California Environmental Justice Alliance, PlaceWorks prepared a guide to the requirements of Senate Bill (SB) 1000 for local government agencies, planners, and communities.



California Environmental Justice Alliance




  • Healthy Communities
  • Environmental Justice
  • Comprehensive Planning
  • Community Participation
  • Graphic Design


  • 2018 Best Practices Award of Merit, California Chapter APA
  • 2018 Best Practices Award of Excellence, APA California Northern Section
  • 2018 Environmental Resource Document Award of Merit, California AEP

SB 1000, the Planning for Healthy Communities Act, passed in 2017 and requires all Cities and Counties to include environmental justice in their general plans. PlaceWorks and the California Environmental Justice Alliance prepared a toolkit to guide local government agencies, planners, and communities through this process. The toolkit explains the background and requirements for SB 1000 and walks users through the process of identifying “disadvantaged” communities using the most current tools.

It discusses principles and techniques for meaningful community engagement—with disadvantaged communities and the community at large—and provides guidance on developing environmental justice objectives and policies. Five case studies across California illustrate how very different jurisdictions approached planning for environmental justice, their outcomes, and the key learning points.

Finally, the toolkit covers a wealth of potential funding sources for updating a general plan to address environmental justice. The full toolkit can be downloaded at