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Moorpark General Plan, Zoning, & EIR

PlaceWorks is leading the City of Moorpark's effort to update its General Plan and Zoning Ordinance and create a shared vision for the city.



City of Moorpark


Moorpark, California


  • Comprehensive Planning
  • Outreach & Community Engagement
  • Zoning & Form-Based Codes
  • GIS
  • Graphic Design
  • CEQA/NEPA Compliance


  • 2024 Comprehensive Plan Award of Excellence, California APA, Central Coast Section
  • 2024 Environmental Resource Document Award of Merit, California AEP
  • 2024 Planning Document Award of Merit, California AEP
  • 2023 Comprehensive Plan Award of Merit for the 2021-2029 Housing Element, California APA, Central Coast Section

The City of Moorpark selected PlaceWorks to lead the update of its comprehensive General Plan because of our extensive planning experience, innovative approach to outreach, GIS capabilities, CEQA expertise, and reputation for transforming legislatively mandated work products into vehicles for real change. The General Plan update includes an analysis of existing conditions, public outreach, development of a shared vision for Moorpark, exploration of land use alternatives, update of all elements, revision of the zoning ordinance, and preparation of a program EIR. PlaceWorks identified a number of major issues that pose conspicuous challenges and opportunities, including the future growth, development of economically prosperous places in the community, the role of Moorpark College in the community, legal mandates to increase housing supply, and climate change and sustainability.

Link to Interactive Online Visioning Exercise 

To effectively communicate and present this information requires significant graphic design, and PlaceWorks’ has developed a comprehensive branding package with a custom project logo, font selection and color palettes, and developed a range of digital and print public outreach materials.