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East Alisal Street Corridor Plan

The East Alisal Street Corridor Plan was accepted as a strategic planning document by the Salinas City Council, and its recommendations and concepts were incorporated into the adopted Alisal Vibrancy Plan.



City of Salinas


Salinas, California


  • Community Participation
  • Urban Design
  • Corridor Planning
  • Streetscape Design

East Alisal Street is a vibrant commercial corridor—a place to shop and visit for the Hispanic community of the Alisal neighborhood as well as Salinas and the region. The street is very busy, with lots of walkers, bicyclists, buses, and cars, but vehicle speeds are high; the street’s collision history shows the need for safety improvements. PlaceWorks attended a multiday charrette bookended by community events. We learned that the community wanted better facilities for bicycles and pedestrians, better management of parking, and space for outdoor seating.

As a subconsultant to Raimi and Associates, PlaceWorks developed streetscape alternatives and a preferred alternative for two key blocks of East Alisal Street. We also developed ideas for “parklets” with outdoor seating, and a temporary parklet was installed for a weekend. The corridor plan included a chapter with development opportunities that described potential catalyst projects and a chapter with design guidelines to ensure that new development maintains the lively character of the corridor.