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Downtown Redding Specific Plan Update

PlaceWorks and the City of Redding worked together to update the Downtown Redding Specific Plan, with a particular focus on the vision for downtown expressed by community members.



City of Redding


Redding, California


  • Comprehensive Planning
  • Community Participation
  • Urban Design


  • 2021 Comprehensive Planning Award of Merit: Small Jurisdiction, California APA, Sacramento Valley Section

Downtown Redding is poised to enhance its role as a vibrant urban center. Its street network of short blocks and alleyways form a framework that can support a bustling and walkable downtown. Its historic architecture and landmarks create a feeling of authenticity. However, the success of the downtown faces hurdles dating back to the 1960s, when Interstate 5 was constructed on the east side of the river, fueling new retail development that competed with downtown.

The Specific Plan Update capitalized on several recent initiatives that were integrated into the final plan. These included the completion of the Downtown Redding Transportation Plan, which promotes safe bicycle and pedestrian activity; the award of a major Sustainable Communities Grant from the State, which will help realize two new mixed-use housing projects; strategic investments in downtown by the McConnell Foundation and others; and the California Arts Council’s selection of downtown Redding as a Cultural District pilot program.

PlaceWorks incorporated these and other projects to provide new guidance for urban design and land use in downtown Redding. Revised regulations, standards, and guidelines will encourage new development and public improvements. PlaceWorks facilitated community and stakeholder outreach through community and stakeholder meetings, study sessions, and online engagement.