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Colin Drukker, Joanna Jansen, and Wendy Nowak Promoted to Principal

PlaceWorks is pleased to announce the promotions of Colin Drukker, Joanna Jansen, and Wendy Nowak from Associate Principal to Principal. All three have been with the firm for nearly 20 years, and all three have been the driving force behind some of our clients’ most significant projects.

Colin is currently leading the San Bernardino Countywide Plan, PlaceWorks’ largest and one of our most complex projects. His overall body of work ranges from comprehensive plan updates to regional planning projects to mixed-use and corridor developments, as well as technical efforts in GIS, website, and database development. Colin is dedicated to staying ahead on the latest planning issues and technology and has researched best practices and developed tools to improve community development, affordable housing design, and project management.

Joanna leads PlaceWorks’ Northern California comprehensive planning practice and is a current member of the firm’s Board of Directors. She has a strong understanding of State law, combined with a big-picture sense of how environmental review and community engagement can be seamlessly integrated into projects to create context-sensitive and sustainable places. Joanna has helped lead 15 general plans, from small Central Valley towns to the inner Bay Area, including the Palo Alto Comprehensive Plan, which incorporated innovations in outreach, sustainability, and transportation.

Wendy has led numerous general and specific plans, as well as multifaceted community engagement projects. As PlaceWorks’ public outreach practice leader, she is a master at bringing opposing parties together and effectively engaging a cross-section of community members and stakeholders. Wendy’s skills have played a large part in the resounding successes of several projects, including Long Beach’s highly contentious Southeast Area Specific Plan and Westminster’s Little Saigon Visioning Workbook and subsequent Moran Street Specific Plan.