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2nd Edition of Climate Action Planning: A Guide to Creating Low-Carbon, Resilient Communities

PlaceWorks is excited to announce the release of Climate Action Planning: A Guide to Creating Low-Carbon, Resilient Communities by Associate Principal Tammy L. Seale and coauthors Michael R. Boswell, PhD, AICP, and Adrienne I. Greve, PhD.

The new edition from Island Press is an update of Local Climate Action Planning by the same authors and shares the same purpose—to help local planners and officials create and implement plans that effectively address greenhouse gas emissions and their impacts on the local community.

The new guide describes climate action planning at the international, national, and state levels and explains how local efforts can fit into that context. Using charts, tables, lists, and graphics, the book clearly presents complex information and offers step-by-step guidance to develop a plan from scratch. In addition to Tammy L. Seale, PlaceWorks Associate Eli Krispi also served as a contributor to the chapter on Greenhouse Gas Emissions Accounting. New material includes a chapter on vulnerability assessments, expanded sections on land use and transportation, and new case studies. It also addresses recent changes in legislation and reflects the latest available data and research.

To learn more or order a copy of the book, visit Island Press.