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Employee Ownership

PlaceWorks is 100% employee owned, and our culture reflects our team’s shared vision and values.  As employee-owners, we’re invested in a common goal and directly benefit from our collective success.

Investing in Our Team’s Future

PlaceWorks’ Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) is a qualified retirement plan, which enables employees to build equity through stock allocations. The program is completely funded by the company’s profits at no cost to employees. The better we do as a company, the more each employee’s shares are worth.


A Culture of Ownership

As employee-owners, all team members have a stake in PlaceWorks’ continued growth and success. United by our shared vision and objectives, we embrace a culture of collaboration and accountability, and a commitment to excellence that directly benefits our clients and colleagues. We take pride in our work and rely on each other to achieve our long-term goals.


Building Success Together

Employee ownership helps attract talent as well as retain experienced and dedicated employees. Everyone’s contributions matter, and everyone benefits from the company’s success. Employees have a vested interest in the company’s performance, reputation, and future; and the longer an employee stays at PlaceWorks, the more their shares grow. This mindset shapes our culture, builds leadership from within, and inspires our work.