Questions about changing General Plan requirements?

September 21, 2017:
PlaceWorks can help!

OPR’s General Plan Guidelines Released
After much anticipation, planners across the State are eager to utilize OPR’s recently updated General Plan Guidelines. The new Guidelines reflect the wide range of legislation passed since 2003, include beefed-up sections on crucial topics, and integrate new resources like online mapping and data. Senior PlaceWorks staff, including Woodie Tescher and David Early, assisted OPR in preparing the Guidelines and reviewed working drafts. PlaceWorks is already working with several clients to compare their existing General Plans to the updated Guidelines and identify areas where amendments might be required or desired. If you have questions about how your General Plan stacks up, we’re here to help.
SB 1000: Planning for Environmental Justice
One of the most far-reaching legislative changes addressed in the updated Guidelines is SB 1000, which requires any city or county with a disadvantaged community to incorporate environmental justice policies into its General Plan. PlaceWorks has partnered with the California Environmental Justice Alliance (CEJA), one of the proponents of the bill, to develop a detailed SB 1000 Toolkit to help jurisdictions navigate these new requirements.

Additionally, we hope you can join us at the APA CA Conference for our session titled Environmental Justice and the General Plan: Advocacy and Implementation of SB 1000 on Monday, September 25th at 3:15 pm. And be sure to stop by our booth (#13) to check out an advanced copy of the SB 1000 Toolkit!
Healthy Communities & Environmental Justice Case Studies
PlaceWorks is working with OPR to develop case studies of successful local planning efforts that promote healthy, resilient, equitable, and economically vibrant communities. We’ll feature the recently adopted Active Transportation Plan for Avenal, a rural community in the Central Valley, and the award-winning Comprehensive Parks & Recreation Needs Assessment for Los Angeles County. Once complete, the case studies will be posted on OPR’s website and will be available as a resource for communities to utilize across the State. If you’re interested in receiving a copy of the case studies or want to learn more about how to incorporate these principles into your plans, sign up here.
PlaceWorks’ General Plan Project Milestones
From Stockton to Irvine, PlaceWorks is already working with communities throughout California to help prepare or update their General Plans in accordance with the new Guidelines. We are currently preparing the Corona General Plan Update and EIR, which includes an integrated Healthy Community and Environmental Justice Assessment. PlaceWorks is also proud to have worked with the City of Vallejo on their recently adopted General Plan 2040 and EIR, which fosters location- and resource-efficient development, as well as economic health and stability.