Salinas Urban Greening Plan

Salinas Urban Greening Plan for the City of Salinas. PlaceWorks prepared an Urban Greening Plan for the City of Salinas that aims to enhance quality of life and the environment by increasing and connecting parks and open space, creating community gathering spaces, providing safe and accessible multimodal transportation, and enhancing the urban forest. The Salinas Urban Greening Plan assesses urban greening needs and develops visionary greening plans and pilot projects for three Neighborhood Study Areas, which will serve as a template for later citywide urban greening efforts. The Urban Greening Plan articulates design concepts and guidelines for utilizing open space, streets, urban forests, and water systems as vehicles for widespread benefits. As part of the planning process, PlaceWorks assisted the City in conducting an intensive community engagement process that utilized both in-person and online engagement to ensure that the plans were shaped by the neighborhood itself and to bring the community together as stewards of existing and new green spaces.