Ohlone Greenway BART Station Area Access, Safety, and Placemaking Improvements

PlaceWorks is providing urban design, community outreach, and landscape architecture services for the renovation and redesign of two segments of the Ohlone Greenway multimodal trail in El Cerrito. The goal of the project is to improve bicycle and pedestrian routes to transit, commercial nodes, and housing; increase user safety and accessibility at the El Cerrito Plaza and El Cerrito del Norte BART Stations; and improve the integration of the two BART Stations with the surrounding community. PlaceWorks is leading the landscape architecture, community outreach, urban design and placemaking for the multi-modal Ohlone Greenway adjacent to each of the two El Cerrito BART plaza station areas. At each station, the themes draw from the site specific context and are reflected in the spatial layout, site furnishings, paving patterns, lighting and artistic elements.