Mission & Core Values

Mission Statement

“To envision and create great places”


Core Values

The following values communicate to our clients how we approach our work and how we operate as a company.

Quality. Our clients can rely on us to consistently provide thoughtful, accurate, and thorough work. Our staff is conscientious, and our managers carefully review all products before we deliver them to our clients to ensure that our high standards are met every time. We are proud to stand behind our work.

Responsiveness. We listen to our clients’ goals and tailor our plan of action to meet their specific needs. We maintain clear and open communication with our clients and complete our work at the highest level of quality, on time, and within budget.

Respect. We respect people and our planet by creating successful, sustainable projects that balance competing goals, respond to public concerns, and work in harmony with the physical setting. We advocate solutions for our clients and decision makers that balance economic realities with social and environmental responsibility.

Creativity. We use our experience, passion, and intelligence to approach problems from different perspectives and to propose innovative solutions. We understand that the most effective solutions are those that are tailored to a specific physical, social, economic, and political context, and we use our creativity on a daily basis to respond to those conditions.

Results. We maximize the value of our clients’ resources to achieve responsive, effective, and implementable results. We excel at producing usable outcomes under challenging conditions, whether limited budgets, accelerated schedules, political changes, or environmental constraints.

Integrity. We conduct ourselves with integrity in all of our operations. We go beyond following the letter of the law to encompass a way of seeing the world and interacting with others that is ethical, honest, responsible, and fair.