GreenScore is PlaceWorks’ unique approach and system for measuring, visualizing, and evaluating
the sustainability of the built environment. GreenScore is adaptable—indicators can be tailored to
reflect what is important to the community and its stakeholders. GreenScore uses carefully selected
indicators and a dynamic suite of proprietary GIS—based tools to provide a qualitative and
quantitative assessment of socioeconomic and environmental factors that help illustrate how the
built environment affects the viability of a place. One of the key strengths of GreenScore is the
diversity of topics it assesses, including walkability, vehicle miles traveled, air pollutant emissions,
housing density and affordability, and natural resource preservation.

PlaceWorks uses GreenScore in a broad range of urban planning projects—general plans, specific
plans, transit-oriented development studies, site planning—and in the preparation of environmental
documents. GreenScore can be used to model multiple development scenarios and to measure
existing and future conditions. Over the years GreenScore has evolved to incorporate interactive
web-based applications that provide real-time feedback. This allows stakeholders to make policy or
plan changes and see their impacts through a dashboard of gauges and charts that quantify and
visually represent the outcome of those changes.