Corona del Mar Middle and High School Sports Field(s) Project

The school’s limited athletic facilities forced athletic teams to travel to remote locations for practices and games. The grass fields periodically needed time to recover from heavy use, which exacerbated the problem. The school planned to replace and reconfigure the field and track with a synthetic-turf field and track and construct 664-seat capacity bleachers.

Controversy arose over day and nighttime aesthetics, especially the spill light and glare impacts from lighting poles; noise from a large crowd and PA system; and traffic congestion and parking issues from practices and spectator events. Because of this, PlaceWorks analyzed two options in the EIR. Option A included seating for 664 spectators, a press box, PA system and ticket booth/concession/restroom building. Option B included the elements of Option A and added a second synthetic turf field with lights and bleacher seating for 200. After a longer public review process, the District and opposing community groups agreed to Option B.