Butte County Utility-Scale Solar Guide

PlaceWorks is working with Butte County to identify the best sites for large-scale solar facilities in order to meet long-term state GHG emission reduction targets. Much of the land in Butte County is ideal for utility-scale solar arrays, yet significant environmental, agricultural, economic, and social concerns must be taken into consideration. PlaceWorks is using suitability analysis tools in GIS to identify locations that: avoid important farmland and open space with critical resources, account for heightened wildfire and flood risks, and maximize opportunities to connect with the grid. The project will also rely on significant community engagement to better understand the context for and trade-offs of promoting solar energy in Butte County. Ultimately, the Guide will support the development of renewable energy and the local green economy in locations deemed appropriate by the community, resulting in a diversified and flexible modern energy system that will preserve environmental and agricultural resources as well as quality of life.