Our Story

As our name suggests, we’re all about places and how they work—geographically, environmentally, functionally, aesthetically, and culturally—but we’re also passionate about how we work collaboratively with our clients. Ours is a holistic approach. We celebrate personal passion and ownership while encouraging integrity, creativity, and innovative thinking. We bring people together from diverse practice areas, offering best-of-all-worlds capability and connectivity. Just as each place we work on is distinctly different, so is our thinking.

We start with a vision to design a great community—with a thoughtful approach to creating healthier and more sustainable environments, neighborhoods, workplaces, and schools. We emphasize processes, relationships and communications, while synthesizing dimensions, details and constraints into actionable plans, using environmental scans, community design and other diagnostic and planning tools.

As ideas about place and community have evolved, so have we. Our rich history goes back to the 1970s, and our services and practice areas address both economic and societal changes, and the increasing complexities in the world of environmental health and regulation. Recognized with numerous awards, we have met these challenges and excelled. PlaceWorks builds off this foundation, and together with our clients, will continue to create great places.